De Haagse Munt

Hack The Hague

De Haagse Munt wordt gepresenteerd tijdens Hack The Hague, een programma-onderdeel van Border Sessions:

To celebrate the kickoff of the 5th edition we dedicate our first session of the festival to the people that are actually bringing positive change with technology and design to our hometown. Hack The Hague is about the people who work on the most vibrant, meaningful, successful, sustainable and happy city we can imagine. In the past years numerous initiatives have emerged in our town. Some highly successful, some still in seed stage and some unfortunate to have failed, but let’s hope without bitterness.

Next to our hackers we our proud to welcome the Chamber of Commerce and their partners to kick-off their campaign for a brand new hackathon in and for our city on 2, 3 & 4 September.

Doors open at 8.30. Everybody is welcome with or without a festival ticket. Please RSVP here (hacks aren’t mandatory to attend).

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